The continuity of operations is fundamental to every company.

SPS SWISS GROUP is the ideal partner to plan and program maintenance services.


• Preventive maintenance 


- verification of the general state of the cell/robot to identify necessary maintenance actions; 

- elaboration of proposals regarding preventive maintenance actions in accordance with the manufacturer requirements; 

- scheduling of the preventive maintenance actions in conformity with the production planning; 


• Execution of general cleaning


- elaboration of technical intervention reports; 


• Corrective maintenance 


- remote initial evaluation of the equipment anomaly

- remote correction of the anomaly in case of reduced complexity situations; 

- presence in the client’s facilities, normally, within 48 hours during working days; 

- execution of corrective maintenance actions with the use of substitution equipment whenever possible; 

- elaboration of budgets regarding repairing malfunctioning components; 

- elaboration of technical intervention reports; 


• Disassembling and removal of machinery 


- deactivation of existing machines, including services removal and electrical and mechanical equipment disconnection; 

- removal of transporters, access platforms, and infrastructures; 

- removal of floor anchorage; 

- lifting of heavy equipment; 

- removal and transport as needed; 


• Displacement within machinery zones 


- disassembling machines/equipment and reinstallation within the same space or on a new location; 

- transport and reinstallation in accordance with the initial project; 

- substitution of big equipment/specific and occasional machinery in place;